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Obama: ‘God has called them all home’

Last night, President Obama delivered a speech at a memorial service for those killed in the school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. His speech was extremely religious in tone. But for me the really offensive part came toward the end of the speech when the President said about the victims that “God has called them all home.”

The Jesus States of America

Obama won the election and as I predicted, it wasn’t even close. If Bush had a “mandate” in 2004, then Obama has a down right decree from the people. But the Religious Right are once again acting like sore losers and threatening to secede from the Union and form their own country. I’m going to call it the Jesus States of America.

Election Day Prediction Breakdown

Today is Election Day and I will be at the polls all day long with no internet access. That is the price I pay for writing my name on the ballot for Minority Election Inspector. In any case, I know the media is calling this election a squeaker, but it really isn’t. I’m going to call it right not.

Technology Is Awesome!

It has been a difficult week as Frankenstorm Sandy has hit the east coast. A dead tree in front of our neighbor’s house fell and took out our powerlines. The tree could have gone the other way and taken out our house, so we are sort of happy. Our some parts of our fence in the backyard fell down, but aside from that just minor damage.

A Debate To Forget

Yesterday was definitely not a debate to remember. For starters, Obama actually beat Romney as the most boring man on the stage. Granted, he didn’t win the most boring man in the room; that prize went to moderator Jim Lehrer.

What Will Obama’s Excuse Be If…

Even though I voted for Obama in 2008, I never bought into the belief that he was a progressive Democrat. His record has always been moderate to conservative and as President he has been moderate to conservative just as his record had indicated. Some of my Democratic Party friends have told me that Obama is a progressive, but he hasn’t been able to get anything progressive done because the Republicans keep blocking him. I call bullshit.