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    It has been a difficult week as Frankenstorm Sandy has hit the east coast. A dead tree in front of our neighbor’s house fell and took out our powerlines. The tree could have gone the other way and taken out our house, so we are sort of happy. Our some parts of our fence in the backyard fell down, but aside from that just minor damage.

    It is Thursday however and we still don’t have power. I am in withdrawal from the internet so I am glad our public library has free wi-fi. We are thinking about visiting the inlaws for the weekend because it gets pretty cold and dark at night. Plus, boredom has set in.

    This makes me realize how awesome technology really is: Refrigeration, heat, light, internet, etc. Fortunately, we at least have a gas stove so we can cook a little. My wife made the observation that the Amish have more technology than we do at the moment.

    For this week, I am asking people to help out by checking out my Atheism 101 articles and sharing your favorite ones. I’ll check back when I have power and see which article has the most facebook likes and twitter re-tweets. Also, feel free to donate to Dangerous Talk in the sidebar if you are so moved. The election is Tuesday and I will be at the polls all day and won’t have internet access then even if the house has power again.

    I don’t care who you vote for as long as it isn’t Romney. I can’t believe anyone could possibly vote for him at this point given that he wants to scrap FEMA after a major hurricane. What as asshole. So go vote for Obama or for some third party person if that is your thing, but don’t forget that most Libertarians would also scrap FEMA because they are assholes too.

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    Article by: Staks Rosch

    Staks Rosch is a writer for the Skeptic Ink Network & Huffington Post, and is also a freelance writer for Publishers Weekly. Currently he serves as the head of the Philadelphia Coalition of Reason and is a stay-at-home dad.