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God’s A Failure!

A Christian recently said on Twitter that God’s plan was for Adam and Eve to live forever in the Garden of Eden. This view is fairly common among fundamentalists and it shows a key plot-hole in the whole system. It shows that God is a failure.

Lucky For Weiner, I’m an Atheist

Recently, the news has been abuzz about former Congressman and possibly future NYC Mayor Anthony Weiner’s latest sex photo scandal. For me, this is really a non-issue and I have my lack of belief in deities to thank for it.

WooHoo, I’m Skipping Purgatory!

It seems that the Catholic Church has resurrected something other than Jesus in a cracker. They are bringing back indulgences. That’s when the Church extends your imaginary life a little bit in Purgatory in exchange for your bribe… or in this case, following the Pope on Twitter during some religious youth conference.

Benedict XVI: A Pope Remembered

I’m going to miss old Pope Palpatine. Say what you will about his ridiculous beliefs, his hard line position against gays and condoms, his Nazi past, or his direct involvement with the church sex abuse scandal, old Joey the Ratzinger was fun to follow on the Twitter.

Liberal Talk Show Host Claims Atheism Is A Religion

Yesterday, I was in my car listening to the radio when I caught the end of a segment from the Thom Hartmann program. Since it was New Year’s Day and all, the show was running segments from earlier in the year and this particular segment featured the host, Thom Hartmann, claiming that atheism is a religion.

Technology Is Awesome!

It has been a difficult week as Frankenstorm Sandy has hit the east coast. A dead tree in front of our neighbor’s house fell and took out our powerlines. The tree could have gone the other way and taken out our house, so we are sort of happy. Our some parts of our fence in the backyard fell down, but aside from that just minor damage.