The Godless Honest Truth

It is time for some godless honest truth here. In the free market of ideas, the ideas of religion and god(s) will lose every time. Frankly those ideas have inadequate evidence and no logical backing whatsoever. Unfortunately for us, we aren’t on an equal footing in this marketplace of ideas.

Why is this? Well it’s simple. Religious people freely give huge sums of their hard earned dollars to spread their message across the world. Many times, religious believers even donate money they need for rent or other necessities because they have an irrational belief that their God will provide for them or even reward them for donating to the Church or other religious institutions. Where do they get such an irrational belief? They get it from the pulpit of course. Churches, Televangelists, Fundamentalist advocacy groups, and even Christian bloggers are all out there begging for money from the faithful and they actually get it. They get LOTS and LOTS of money. Many believers have no problem donating 10% or more of their income to fund the spreading of religion.

Meanwhile, people like me who spend time trying to spread reason and critical thinking get very little in support. We tend to get far more angry and threatening e-mails than useful supportive monetary contributions. Atheists simply do not support each other very well and we feel bad about asking people to donate their hard earned money.

It’s a sad fact, but if things do not change and atheists do not become more willing to put our money where our mouths are and actually start financially supporting the bloggers, vloggers, podcasters, artists, etc., we will not reach that tipping point where religion starts fading away rapidly.

I know a lot of you can not speak out yourselves. Your jobs, friends, and family prevent you from telling the world what you truly think. Whether you are still in the atheist closet or not, you can still be massively helpful in this very important fight. Please contribute whatever you can spare within reason (I don’t want your rent money because no deities will provide). Five dollars here, ten dollars there, it all adds up.

There are days that I wake up and have a hard time blogging, but when I see that so many people appreciate my efforts, I get inspired to keep writing. Unlike the religious, I really do hate asking for donations but I find that if I don’t ask, no one will donate. We really need to start funding the spread of reason so don’t just donate to me, but please consider donating to other atheist blogs, vlogs, podcasts, and websites that you frequent as well. Small regular donations really are appreciated. You can contribute directly to Dangerous Talk through the PayPal link in the sidebar or become a regular contributor through Patreon.

If you have no money to spare…

If you have no money to spare, you can still financially support your fellow atheists for free. You can share content on your social networks, you can view advertisements, and use Amazon affiliate links. None of those pay content providers very well, but it all adds up and it costs you nothing. So why not help out your fellow atheists for free?

Thanks in advance,