Comment Policy

I don’t like censorship. I don’t like to block people or delete comments. I prefer to let people hang themselves with their stupidity. With that said however there are times when comments need to be deleted and people need to be blocked.

If you write something illegal (i.e. a threat), I will delete that comment ASAP.
If you post someone’s personal information, I will delete that information ASAP.

Personal attacks are strongly discourages and may or may not get deleted depending on the severity of the attack. I am an adult and I write a blog with an adult audience in mind. If you don’t act like an adult, then you will be treated like a child.

Also, comments with multiple links are held over for moderation. Depending on those links and other factors, I may or may not approve the comment.

Stay on topic, refrain from long rants no one wants to read, don’t resort to name calling or threats, and we will all get along famously. Oh, and don’t be a dick.