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What I Want The President to Say

The State of the Union is tonight and every news agency is asking every American, what we want to hear the President say tonight. That’s the wrong question. It isn’t what I want the President to say; it is what I want the President to do!

Ray Comfort and The Obama Trillion Dollar Bill

I went to a public restroom the other day and saw an obviously phony Obama bill on the ground. Thinking that it was a Tea Party tract, I picked it up and put it in my pocket because I always like to know what the crazies are saying. To my surprise it wasn’t a Tea Party tract. It was even better – A Ray Comfort tract!!!!

Pope/Obama: Words vs. Actions

When you first think about Pope Francis and President Obama, you might not think they have much in common aside from holding a position of leadership and tremendous power. Upon careful inspection however, they do seem to share quite a bit in common.

Call To Action: Pardon Chelsea Manning

Yesterday, Private Bradley Manning was sentenced to 35 years in military prison for a crime he didn’t commit. As a whistle blower on the military’s illegal killing of civilians, Manning should not have faced any charges and those who he exposed should have been charged and hopefully convicted. To date, no one except for Manning has been changed much less convicted.

The Health Insurance Companies Brainwashed You!

Despite what insurance companies would like you to believe, it doesn’t cost you more when someone else is doing something that isn’t healthy. The insurance companies have been propagating this myth that you have to pay more because they have to cover unhealthy people. It simply isn’t true.