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I have been blogging for a while now and over the course of time it seems I’ve written quite a lot about Christmas for a variety of platforms. It never really gets old either. Christians continue to fight back in their imagined “War on Christmas.” In an attempt to bolster our supply lines (as it were), I have created this archive of a bunch of articles and blog posts about Christmas. Enjoy and… Happy Holidays! 😉

Atheists Shouldn’t Give Christianity The Winter Season Monopoly

Yesterday, my family and I attended the local Human Light celebration outside of Philadelphia. We try to go every year when we can. It is always fun for the kids and makes me feel great that I am giving them a humanist holiday to celebrate in addition to a secular Christmas. But many atheists don’t approve of Human Light.

Holiday Atheist Commercialism

If you visit your local retail store like Target, K-Mart, Walmart, and others, you will notice that they are all Christmased up. Most of these stores however do have at least a half an aisle dedicated to Hanukah. This is interesting because Jews only make up a whopping 1.7% of the American population. Committed atheists make up 5% of the population and we have zero space dedicated to secular winter celebrations.

Has Independence Day Lost Its Luster?

Independence Day used to be one of my favorite holidays. For one, it was not a religious holiday which immediately elevates it above most other holidays. But I also loved the Fourth of July because I was a Patriot – America, fuck yeah!

I’ve Evolved on Memorial Day

Today, Memorial Day is all about picnics and barbeques but at one time it was about memorializing those Americans who fought and died in service to our country. What does that mean?

He Has Risen!

Over the weekend, I had an experience that I just can’t explain rationally. A few weeks ago, I went on Ray Comfort’s Facebook page and he challenged atheists to read his book. I told him that I was game and sure enough, he sent me a copy. I was in the middle of debunking the crap out of it when I decided to take a break. My financial situation hasn’t been great lately and I have been thinking a great deal about that. Before I started reading Ray Comfort’s book again, I decided to pray to God for money. I mean, if God can help basketball teams, he should be able to help out too, right? Here is what happened; I picked up Comfort’s book and a ten dollar bill fell out of it. God has answered my prayers!

Resolution 41

Today is kind of a big deal for science, skepticism, and atheism. It’s Darwin Day. Personally, I’m not a fan…

Happy HumanLight

Today is the conjunction of three holidays and Christmas ain’t one. Many atheists are aware that today is Festivus. But…