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Christmas Whine

Christians are always whining that atheists of trying to ruin Christmas. They say that we are “party-poopers” and that we are “pissing on their parade.” They even call us “big meanies.” Why? Because we demand equal treatment and because we put up billboards advertising our ideas to our demographics.

The ‘War on Holiday’ has begun

Christians are always talking about the “War on Christmas,” but the fact is that no one has forced anyone not to say “Merry Christmas.” The same can’t be said for the greeting of “Happy Holidays.” So I don’t think the war is on Christmas at all. I think the war in on holidays and what is going on in my local area is proof of that.

Christians: Think Before You Greet

It isn’t that big of a deal, but it still is somewhat of a deal when Christians in the month of December, who mean well, greet everyone they meet with a “Merry Christmas.” Look, no one is going to die because they are greeted by an inconsiderate jerk, but when you are trying to greet someone, you probably should be mindful of how your greeting will be received.