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    hitchmas treeI have been blogging for a while now and over the course of time it seems I’ve written quite a lot about Christmas for a variety of platforms. It never really gets old either. Christians continue to fight back in their imagined “War on Christmas.” In an attempt to bolster our supply lines (as it were), I have created this archive of a bunch of articles and blog posts about Christmas. Enjoy and… Happy Holidays! 😉

    Huffington Post:

    The True Meaning of Christmas

    From Examiner:

    New Traditions:

    Tree of Knowledge: A new atheist tradition

    Human Light: A new godless tradition

    Put the Chris in Christmas

    War on Christmas: The Tree of Knowledge Saga

    Atheist holiday display discriminated against by county
    Tree of Knowledge to be excluded from county winter display
    Atheist holiday display officially excluded
    Freethought Society protests Tree of Knowledge exclusion
    In defense of the Tree of Knowledge
    The Human Tree of Knowledge 2011 rally
    Pastafarians fight county commissioners for Holiday display
    Pastafarian Holiday Tree rejected!
    Atheists form ‘Human Tree of Knowledge’

    From the Dangerous Talk blog:

    Yes Virginia, Christians did Steal Christmas

    Even though it has become pretty much common knowledge and has been accepted by just about every scholar including most Biblical scholars (if they even count), I still get e-mails from people telling me that Christmas was not stolen from the pagans and that Jesus is the reason for the season.

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    Jesus vs. Santa

    Every year, fundamentalist Christians get upset that Santa is all over the place and Jesus is not represented as much as they think he ought to be. They put up signs that say, “Jesus is the reason for the season” and “Keep the Christ in Christmas.” It is a genuine feud between two imaginary people, sort of like who would win Batman vs. Superman?

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    From Dangerous Talk on Skeptic Ink:

    Christians: Think Before You Greet

    It isn’t that big of a deal, but it still is somewhat of a deal when Christians in the month of December, who mean well, greet everyone they meet with a “Merry Christmas.” Look, no one is going to die because they are greeted by an inconsiderate jerk, but when you are trying to greet someone, you probably should be mindful of how your greeting will be received.

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    Christmas Whine

    Christians are always whining that atheists of trying to ruin Christmas. They say that we are “party-poopers” and that we are “pissing on their parade.” They even call us “big meanies.” Why? Because we demand equal treatment and because we put up billboards advertising our ideas to our demographics.

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    Holiday Atheist Commercialism

    If you visit your local retail store like Target, K-Mart, Walmart, and others, you will notice that they are all Christmased up. Most of these stores however do have at least a half an aisle dedicated to Hanukkah. This is interesting because Jews only make up a whopping 1.7% of the American population. Committed atheists make up 5% of the population and we have zero space dedicated to secular winter celebrations.

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    ‘How Can You Not Love Christmas’

    I love the winter season, but I am not a fan of Christmas. The other day, I was asked by someone who didn’t know I was an atheist, how can I not love Christmas.

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    Winter Season Monopoly

    Yesterday, my family and I attended the local Human Light celebration outside of Philadelphia. We try to go every year when we can. It is always fun for the kids and makes me feel great that I am giving them a humanist holiday to celebrate in addition to a secular Christmas. But many atheists don’t approve of Human Light.

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    Happy Holidays from your friends at Dangerous Talk.

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