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Groundhog’s Day!

Today is Groundhogs Day and everyone is trying to remember what it means if the groundhog sees his shadow. The answer of course is absolutely nothing! The visual perception of the blockage of the sun by a particular rodent on a particular morning has absolutely no clairvoyant power concerning the winter season.

Gifts For Your Religious Co-Workers, Family, And Friends

The Holiday Season is here and Christmas is right around the corner. This is the season of gift giving and religious believers often love to give atheists the gift of some apologist’s book that would totally convince us that God is real and Jesus was his only begotten son… if we would just read it and forget everything we know about reality.

Black Thursday

The day after Thanksgiving is when all the retail stores used to start their super sales. I used to love waking up at 3am (or just not going to sleep) and waiting in line for the latest deals. I didn’t really care about the deals themselves most of the time; I just liked the adventure of it all. But now the adventure is gone. Black Friday has been moved back to Black Thursday – also known as Thanksgiving.

Not a Fan of Veteran’s Day

Okay, I’m going to say it. I am not a fan of Veteran’s Day. I think most veterans under the age of about 90 are just armed thugs in uniforms (with some exceptions of course).

Atheist Themed Halloween Costumes

Halloween is such an awesome holiday. People get dressed up in all kinds of scary, sexy, and creative costumes and then give and receive delicious candy and treats. Plus, fundamentalists hate it. All this fun makes fundamentalists go nuts. So while pretty much doing anything on Halloween becomes an attack on Jesus to many believers, I want to know what atheist, humanist, and blasphemous costumes people wear or plan to wear on Halloween.

Paper Patriotism on Independence Day

I have always hated when people wore their patriotism on their sleeves, but rejected the substance behind that patriotism. It is reassuring to know that I am in good company. Early American artist, John Lewis Krimmel satirized Independence Day celebrations in his famous painting, “Fourth of July Drunk Celebration 1819 – Philadelphia” – Pictured below:

Yes Candida, Christians Did Steal Easter!

CNN’s BeliefNet writer, Candida Moss claims with a straight face that Christians didn’t steal Easter and that this is just a myth. Yeah, it’s just a myth no doubt created by the Devil or some atheists. Okay, she didn’t say that last part, but you get the idea. The funny part here is that Easter is one of those holidays where Christians were too lazy to even bother to change the name of the holiday.