• Weakness of Evolution Refuted – The Complete List

    About a week ago, I took on the task of refuting the claims of Texas creationists.  I used the so-called weaknesses of evolution from this page.

    For your reference, I’ve included the complete list here.  If I do anymore weaknesses of evolution, I’ll add them to this list.

    1. Origins of Life – the origins of life is not evolution, but chemistry and what are the odds involved.
    2. Hydrolysis of Proteins – a specific claim that water would destroy all the proteins before they could become life.
    3. Homochirality – handedness of molecules and why we have all left-handed amino acids and right-handed sugars.
    4. Oxygen – the toxicity of oxygen and the claim that there was oxygen in the early atmosphere which would destroy organic molecules before they could become life.
    5. Randomness and Information – the concept of information, how creationist misuse the term, and why evolution isn’t as random as people are led to believe.
    6. The Cambrian Explosion – the Cambrian time period seems to have produced a greater diversity of life forms, including all new body plans that never before existed, than other time periods and why none of that is really true.
    7. Transitional Fossils – what a transitional fossil actually is and the evidence for them.
    8. Change Over Time – how speciation works.
    9. Induced Mutations – a claim that no induced mutations have ever improved a population.
    10. Most Mutations are Harmful – this classic creationist falsehood.
    11. Small Changes – how small changes over time can result in larger changes and how do we know.
    12. Complete Steps – why we shouldn’t expect to have a complete step-by-step explanation for every single organism and every single protein/DNA sequence.
    13. Creationist Misunderstandings – the creationists offer some helpful tips to avoid misunderstandings, but seem to have misunderstood the actual science themselves.
    14. Why are there still monkeys? – an add on ‘weakness’.  A creationist asks, “If humans evolved from monkeys, why do monkeys still exist?”  We explore a very little bit of how evolution actually works and take a brief look at humans.

    If you come across any other ‘weaknesses of evolution’, put it in the comments (and a link to it if available) so we can add it to the list.

    Another excellent resource is the Talk Origins Archive”sAn Index of Creationist Claims“.

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