• Ken Paxton is a Moron

    The Texas Attorney General, who is still under investigation for securities fraud, has penned a letter to Target. This letter by Kenny shows the sad idiocy of what our conservative Texans have wrought.

    Regardless of whether Texas legislates on this topic, it is possible that allowing men in women’s restrooms could lead to criminal and otherwise unwanted activity…

    I am astounded at the power of signs in Target. Truly, I am. The signs in target that say “men” and “women” must have been the most powerful signs in all of the history of signage. These signs, since 1962 (the company’s formation as “Target”), have kept men out of women’s restrooms and women out of men’s restrooms.

    I mean, how else can you explain Paxton’s complete non-caring of the issue for the past 54 years. But now, now that Target has publicly stated that people are allowed to use the bathrooms of their gender identity, NOW Ken Paxton is concerned about the issue of men getting into women’s restrooms.

    It’s not like a man couldn’t have walked into a women’s restroom any time in the last 54 years. No, only now, have the doors been opened (see what I did there?) so that men could get into the women’s restroom.

    Hey Ken, here’s a funny story. I was at a restaurant and really had to pee. It was one of those theme places and I accidentally went into the women’s restroom. They, as far as I know, don’t have a gender policy like Target. I did my business, stepped out of the stall and realized I was in the wrong place. I apologized to the nice lady I startled, she laughed about it. And we moved on.

    Somehow, me being in the women’s restroom didn’t turn me into a monster or her into a frightened little lamb.

    Kenny, just admit the truth that we all know. You are personally offended by trans people and you let that color your politics.

    Hey Kenny, did you know that Target also has a “family” restroom and sometimes there are boys and girls in there together?!?!?! OMG!!!!

    Kenny, I honestly don’t know how someone who is supposed to have a law degree can be this ignorant. I’m sorry that you are the legal counsel for my state, especially since you encouraged others in the state to break the law. You should be disbarred.

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