• Dan Patrick Lied to the People of Texas

    Dan Patrick, idiot Lt. Governor of the Great State of Texas, has lied to the people of Texas. Here’s a screen shot of his facebook post.


    There are two lies in this post, even the insta-summary here.

    The first is “Fort Worth ISD Allows Boys in Girls Bathrooms”.

    That’s simply not true. Let’s look at what the rule actually states.

    Guidelines recently established by Superintendent Kent Scribner now require school officials to offer students like Jessica access to a single-stall restroom or the opportunity to use a restroom when no other students are present.

    The guideline goes even further: It asserts that students have access to restrooms consistent with “the gender identity that each student consistently and uniformly asserts.”

    Read more here: http://www.star-telegram.com/news/local/education/article76045467.html#storylink=cpy
    Now, look at that last phrase, it’s very important. “the gender identity that each student consistently and uniformly asserts. So, no Mr. Patrick, this rule does not allow boys in the girls restroom. It allows people who identify as girls in the girls bathroom.
    And that bolded section prevents what one commenter suggested. “Boy being trans for the day to get into the girls bathroom.”
    The second lie is that Superintendent Scribner has, without Board approval or parent input, decided on this course of action.
    What really happened was that Scribner signed a rule establishing guidelines for the non-discrimination rules already in place.

    In 2011, the district, then under the leadership of interim Superintendent Walter Dansby, the FWISD school board expanded the district’s anti-harassment and anti-bullying policies to include protections based on gender identity and gender expression. Protections based on sexual orientation were already included.

    Bond said the new guidelines were designed to give “more specificity” to existing policy.


    Dr. Scribner did not act alone. The Board had, under the previous superintendent, already approved these rules.

    What does it say about our leaders that they are either so misinformed on a topic that even their one sentence summary has two basic facts wrong or that they are purposefully lying in order to attack someone who supports equality?

    It says that Lt. Governor Patrick is as much of an idiot and asshole as the attorney general of Texas.


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