Debating Christianity by John W. Loftus

Onus Books are proud to announce the release of a new collection of pieces by atheist counter-apologist, author, former preacher, and philosopher of religion John W. Loftus. The book, Debating Christianity: Opening Salvos in the Battle with Believers, features two parts. Part I comprises a series of debate openers in that Loftus has used against various theistic opponents. Stripped of rhetoric, these pieces stand on the strength of their content. They cover a number of grounds, from philosophical arguments against the existence of God, to the Nativity and Resurrection of Jesus, to suffering.

Part II contains a number of original and reworked pieces covering a variety of topics from an argument against God from the size of the universe to William Lane Craig’s inner witness of the Holy Spirit, Pascal’s wager to prayer.

The foreword is written by philosopher Jonathan M.S. Pearce and the afterword by author David Madison.

The book description follows:

John W. Loftus has an impressive back catalog of books that thoroughly debunk the belief in (the Judeo-Christian) God. Though it is not easy to add much more to his voluminous work, here Loftus, in Part I, pieces together debate openers that he has written over his career as an atheist author and debater. In powerful written form, where they stand on the merit of their content, they provide a series of effective arguments to disprove the existence of such a god.

Added to these opening statements, Part II of his book comprises some original material and other pieces that support his claims, including an argument for atheism from the size of the universe, and a critique of William Lane Craig’s inner witness of the Holy Spirit. In essence, this book is a “DVD extras” collection of writing that packs a flurry of varied punches against theism, and that sits neatly next to his other great books.

“A book like this is the icing on the cake of everything else that Loftus has written and provides a great starting point to launch into further research on these different topics: the existence of God, Jesus’ birth and resurrection, faith, atheism, epistemology, suffering and genocide. Big subjects about which Loftus has written in great depth elsewhere. But this is as good a place to start as anywhere.”
– Jonathan M.S. Pearce, author of 30 Arguments Against the Existence of “God”

Loftus does a formidable job explaining how theism—especially totalitarian monotheism—is undermined by what we now know about the universe…. The books written and edited by John Loftus…demonstrate so clearly that apologists are fighting a losing battle.”

– David Madison, author of Ten Things Christians Wish Jesus Hadn’t Taught: And Other Reasons to Question His Words

The book is now available on Kindle, Kobo, and Nook and will soon be out in paperback.

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