About Us

Onus Books

Onus Books is an imprint of Ginger Prince Publications and is set up to publish books written for the philosophical and religious (or, pertinently, atheistic) markets. It is the main thrust of the organisation and where ‘the action’ is taking place. GPP started off with books like Free will? and The Little Book of Unholy Questions, and it is in this vein that Onus Books was developed. With a thriving market for texts published on both sides of the religious fence, the dialogue is buzzing, the debates are hotly contested and the need for critical books has never been greater.

If you have a polished manuscript which fulfils such a philosophical criteria, then contact us for the possibility of getting it published.


Loom is GPP’s foray into fiction publishing, with Canadian author Rebecca Bradley’s book Cadon, Hunter as the first release. Rebecca Bradley and Jonathan MS Pearce are partners in this enterprise.