Loom Catalogue

Here are the books (covers and descriptions) released by Loom:

Cadon Hunter

By Rebecca Bradley

In an era when Stone Age tribes share the world with the earliest civilizations, a young nomadic hunter accidentally brings doom upon his people, and a curse upon himself. Seeking to lift the curse, he and a few other survivors must leave the forest and journey to the greatest city of all, where they face strange new dangers, mazes of conspiracy and deception, and many puzzling breeds of savage. Rebecca Bradley, author of the Gil Trilogy and The Lateral Truth, brings both her fantasy chops and her archaeological experience to this intriguing tale of the ancient world.

  “I confess I like dawn of the world sagas, and this a good one. It catches your attention early, and keeps you anxious about the good guys, right to the end. You like the main characters, even when they’re a bit on the evil side! It does get a bit…gory at times, but even that fits in with the background setting. And, it sets up Book 2, which means I’ll have to shell out again to find out how things turn out, but that’s not a bad thing. I like series books too!”


The Lateral Truth: An Apostate’s Bible Stories

By Rebecca Bradley

Was Moses really such a great liberator? How did a thug as thick as Samson get to be a hero? Wasn’t the miracle at Bethesda about as merciful as pulling wings off flies? The fifteen stories in “The Lateral Truth” follow selected biblical themes through to their illogical conclusions, building on questions the author was never brave enough to ask in Sunday school.

“Rebecca Bradley is a fabulous writer, The Lateral Truth is a witty and clever skewering of Bible stories. Funny and fresh – a much-needed antidote to rampant fundamentalism. Enjoy!” – Robert J. Sawyer, Hugo Award-winning author of Rollback.

“With skill, wit, and a keen nose for a good story, Rebecca Bradley reminds us that sacred cows must never be milked too seriously.” – Ronald Wright, author of A Short History of Progress.

From Hades With Love

By Rebecca Bradley

The dark side of life, and the light side of hell—from a haunted refrigerator to an ancient demon, these thirteen tales range from the monstrous and spectral, to the grotesque shadows cast by the most ordinary of things.





Lady in Gil

By Rebecca Bradley

All the dreams of the barbarously occupied kingdom of Gil depend on its greatest hero. Too bad only his brother is available….

“Enthralling…[Bradley] tells her story with great pace, and a vivid and subtle imagination.” –The Times (London)

“Tasty mind candy…an entertaining romp with intelligent credentials, plenty of action and an original approach.” –Infinity

“Well written and engaging.”–SFX Magazine

“An adroit mixture of wry humor and seriousness…lively.”–Starburst


Scion’s Lady

By Rebecca Bradley

Scion’s Lady is the second installment of Rebecca Bradley’s critically acclaimed fantasy trilogy…

Wielding the power of the magical Lady in Gil, Tig destroys the barbarians and wishes to return to his peaceful, ordered life, but his brother has plans to marry him off. An ebook edition of the sequel to Lady in Gil.

“This book is a brilliant sequel to the “Lady in Gil”. I didn’t think that Rebecaa Bradley would be able to pull off a secons installment that was as good as, if not better than the “Lady in Gil”, but she has accomplished that task handsomely. This novel is a worthy successor and possesses many of the same qualities that made the “Lady in Gil” so memorable: a good plot that is tautly paced, a prose style that is so lyrical that you actually read every word, and those brilliant flashes of ironic humour that has you in stitches!”


Lady Pain

By Rebecca Bradley


Survival of the Fittest: Metamorphosis

By Johnny Pearce

No one seems to know where it started. Or exactly when. And certainly not how. But it is here, and everything that everyone holds dear falls prey to the ravages of the virus. Some are unaffected, and they must quickly come to terms with their new world – a dystopian Britain in the early convulsions of collapse.

Follow a disparate collection of people as they fight for their lives in this first installment of the “Survival of the Fittest” series.

Where the journey will take them is anyone’s guess.

“A frightening and credible zombie apocalypse. This is the way the world would end―not with a bang or a whimper, but with a snarl and the gnashing of teeth…” Rebecca Bradley, author of Cadon, Hunter and From Hades With Love

“Pearce’s rollicking suburban adventure begs to be consumed and it won’t let go until life is sucked from the final pages.” Glenn Andrew Barr, author of Skin of Them

“Johnny Pearce has written a shockingly good zombie story with a literary quality unfamiliar to the genre. Don’t let the slow build fool you―the growing tension plays a vital role in allowing everything to snap with a most satisfying sort of frayed devastation. Once all hell breaks loose it’s a no holds barred gore fest!” Tristan Vick, author of BITTEN: Resurrection and BITTEN 2: Land of the Rising Dead