Feser’s Natural Law Theory Taken to Task in New Book

Onus Books is proud to announce a new title for publication in the very near future. Gunther Laird, who blogs here, as a keen interest in Aristotelian-Thomistic philosophy as a pertains to Natural Law Theory. Natural Law Theory is often the flavour of Catholic thinkers and is particularly espoused by Christian philosophers, in modern times, such as Edward Feser.

Laird’s book, The Unnecessary Science, is a solid reputation of Feser’s own position from his own viewpoint. That is to say, the author grants. These are some of his key premises in order to bring down Feser’s own arguments from within is Aristotelian-Thomistic paradigms.

Feser’s arguments wouldn’t even get the ground if you can’t establish some form of ontological realism. This is a huge weakness in his worldview; however, Laird grants him such philosophical realism and runs with it, and still shows that Feser’s position is untenable, philosophically speaking.

The book aims to be useful for the intelligent layman interested in this area. The author doesn’t assume too much of the reader and guides them through some of the technical points, hopefully never leaving them adrift in what might be for them unchartered philosophical seas.

Keep an eye out for this book and we will continue to bring you news of its imminent publication.

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  1. Interesting. I have log been suspicious of natural law theory but haven’t studied it in detail or written much about it, glad to see Laird has taken the time to do this.

    “wouldn’t even get the ground” I think you mean “get off the ground.” Thanks for the update on OnusLoom’s new book!

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