30 Arguments Against the Existence of “God” out now

We are a little bit late in announcing the news that Jonathan MS Pearce’s latest book, 30 Arguments against the Existence of “God”, Heaven, Hell, Satan, and Divine Design, is out now for your delectation. He has been busy being interviewed on various channels on YouTube discussing the book. See him interviewed on MythVision with Derek Lambert, Critical Faculty with Hanney Seylim, and Emerson Green’s Counter Apologetics.

The God of classical theism, that which Jonathan MS Pearce calls “OmniGod”, is in the crosshairs in the collection of arguments against such a god’s existence. Omnipotence, omniscience (including full divine foreknowledge of every event that will come to pass), and omnibenevolence make for difficult bedfellows. In fact, OmniGod’s characteristics are so flawed when employed together, and when seen in light of design, heaven, hell, and Satan, that belief in such a being is almost certainly irrational.

This is what Pearce takes aim at – all of these ideas supposedly working in coherent unison – in this book aimed at a popular audience. The book packs a punch as he handily deconstructs these ideas to show that either God does not exist, or that God is not all-knowing, all-powerful, and all-loving.

“…since believers aren’t usually reasoned out of a faith that they were never reasoned into, the prolific Pearce expertly throws the book at them. I’m a fan of his. Highly recommended reading!”- John W. Loftus, philosopher and counter-apologist with 12 books, including The Case against Miracles and God and Horrendous Suffering.

“A concise but very philosophically sophisticated presentation of thirty evergreen problems for both theism in general and Abrahamic religions specifically. A must for the bookshelves of both atheists (to quickly reference powerful arguments) and theists (to understand the strongest and most commonly-used points of their opposition).”- Gunther Laird, author of The Unnecessary Science: A Critical Analysis of Natural Law Theory

“Jonathan MS Pearce is a talented writer with a thoroughly enjoyable conversational style. While I tend to abhor philosophy, this little book provides a very nice, easy-to-read and comprehensive overview of a number of key philosophical issues pertaining to topics of God, religion and theology. This is an essential read for anyone with an interest in the viability of faith, whether it be theirs or another.”- Dr. Kipp Davis, author of Dead Sea Scrolls Fragments in the Museum Collection

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