The Draws of Deism – More from The Unnecessary Science

The Unnecessary Science: A Critical Analysis of Natural Law Theory (Onus Books)is a cracking book tackling the work of Edward Feser in his defences and use of Thomas Aquinas and Aristotle in trying to establish natural law theory and its connected areas of essentialism and so on. It is written by Gunther Laird and is just filtering through the distribution channels as we speak. Please check it out and grab a copy to support quality atheistic and naturalistic writing and publishing. The foreword is written by Secular Outpost’s Bradley Bowen.

Gunther Laird has recently had excerpts and articles published at a number of different places and had Mano Singham really favourably review his book.

Here are some of his pieces getting his book out there:

Actuality, Abortion and the SCOTUS

Contraceptive Causality: Natural Law & Sexual Ethics

The Problems of Pure Act

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