Secular Humanism & Naturalism for High-School Students

Onus Books is proud to announce another new title for publication, available now. Joseph J Berger, PhD, has written a short introduction aimed predominantly at high school students on the subject of scientific naturalism. The title is Science & Spirituality: an Introduction for Students, Young People &the Generally Curious.

What is exciting about this title is that there aren’t really many books available with this audience in mind on this topic. Young people are the future, and in terms of adding to the shifting sands of religion and non-religion, especially among the younger generations, there simply needs to be more literature of this sort out there and available for general consumption. If you take this year’s scope and volume of Christian and theistic work and compare that is to secular and nonreligious equivalents, there really is no comparison.

In this way, Onus Books are doing their the part to help spread the good word.

Science and Spirituality: An Introduction for Students, Secular People & the Generally Curious [UK] is available now – it may still be filtering through distribution channels. Please, please grab yourself a copy – perfect for a Christmas gift to anyone new to naturalism or a student willing to question.

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