Early Reviews for Myth Education Are Fab

The new Onus Books release, Myth Education, which features some sumptuous art, is receiving great early reviews. Here are the first four from Amazon, all five-star reviews. Short but sweet:

“I would not have guessed that a book dealing with myths and religions from around the world could be this entertaining. Fletcher’s humor shines throughout, making this educational resource all the more wonderful. The author has enlisted different artists to display the various gods and goddesses, and the art helps to bring these characters to life (so to speak). I especially like that Fletcher chose to turn his focus away from the familiar Greek and Roman mythologies in order to spotlight myths that, while lesser-known, are no less fascinating. If you have even a passing interest in what people around the world believe in, you should read this book.”

“This is a beautiful book! The drawings are done by many different artists, and it is good to see different interpretations in the drawings. Many books will have only a few illustrations, but this one has them every few pages. It also has a good selection of mythology, including Japanese and Chinese, which you usually do not see in other books.”

“Well written book. Gorgeous art. Would recommend.”

“A must buy book. It does an amazing job outlining otherwise convoluted mythologies.”

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