Endorsements from Stephen Law and Justin Schieber for Pearce’s New Kalam Book

Jonathan MS Pearce’s new book on the Kalam (Did God Create the Universe from Nothing?) has a couple of endorsements from people respected in the field, so we are really grateful to them. Here they are:

This is a beautifully crisp and clear introduction to, and discussion of, the Cosmological Argument. Suitable for beginners but also those who want a more insightful and detailed discussion. This is an ideal book for students, and indeed anyone who is interested in what remains one of the most popular arguments for the existence of God.

Stephen Law, Reader in Philosophy at Heythrop College, University of London and head of Centre for Inquiry UK.

With his latest book Did God Create the Universe from Nothing?, Jonathan Pearce has collected a vast array of the most powerful academic and popular-level responses to one of the most well-known cosmological arguments for the existence of God. Theists will be surely challenged by this wide-ranging book which seeks to put an end to this theistic argument about the beginning of the universe.

Justin Schieber, public debater on the philosophy of religion, creator of the channel Real Atheology

We are happy that in the Kindle UK atheism charts, it was third behind Dawkins and Hitchens. Please grab yourself a copy!

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My friend is reading it at the moment in the UK. He states:

You are really demolishing it a bit at a time. It’s clearly a bollocks argument but it needs your book. Well done mate.

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  1. But without God or some other intelligent designer all there is to explain our existence is sheer dumb luck. And that is the antithesis of science.

    There needs to be some science behind the claim. What is it?

  2. Whilst “sheer dumb luck” is a phrase loaded with your own baggage, luck, as understood by someone like you is certainly part of it. It#s actually more like a statistical certainty given the sheer (potentially infinite) size of the universe. Given we have just realised that there are 10 times as many galaxies as previously thought in the OBSERVABLE universe (some 2 trillion) and that’s good for about 700 billion trillion stars, and goodness knows how many planets., then abiogenesis was a certainty.

    If you want to actually do science, go and research current theories of abiogenesis and get back to me.

    As ever with religious types attacking abiogenesis is they attempt to talk about probability without any knowledge of frequency.

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