Getting to Know Rebecca Bradley and her Work

Here is a piece penned by Bradley herself, introducing much of her work:

I know, this is the 21st century, and we’re virtually obliged to promote ourselves shamelessly, because internet. But I don’t do shameless very well. I’m either very shy and modest, or secretly think the world should perceive my fabulousness without me having to point it out. Either way, I have to get over it. So here goes.

Books, books, books. For a quarter-century or more, I’ve been bouncing back and forth between writing fiction and doing archaeology: a trilogy here, a dig there, some short stories or an ARKY course in another place. Now, thanks to Jonathan Pearce at Onus/LOOM, I’m getting the collected works up in digital and POD form, re-edited, repackaged, and—well—out there in the ineffable cloud.

books2The Lateral Truth: An Apostate’s Bible Stories: Short stories looking at some Biblical narratives sideways, upside down, and with a markedly jaundiced eye, originally published as a trade paperback by Scroll Press in Prince George.  I have also put some of the shorter stories up on this blog over the last few years, but some of them were just too damn long. And now here they all are, in one convenient, blasphemous, downloadable package.


books4Cadon, Hunter: The first new novel after a long hiatus doing other things. An ancient world fantasy that draws on everything I ever taught my Introductory Archaeology students, but without an exam at the end. Includes a rather irreverent take on the origins of religions.



The Gil Trilogy: Lady in Gil, Scion’s Lady,Lady Pain. First published by Gollancz in the nineties and Ace in the 2000s, and now at last in electronic form after ten years of other people bugging me about it.


books6From Hades with Love: In Hong Kong in the nineties, I did a spot of desktop publishing that resulted in two volumes of short horror/suspense stories, only some of which were set in HK. I’m gradually re-editing and sorting them semi-logically into different volumes, with the addition of a number of new stories. This volume is the first.


Some links:

  1. My author’s page on amazon, under the name Rebecca J. Bradley. Note that there are at least two other amazon authors named Rebecca Bradley. I’m not the one in Englandwriting police procedurals; and I’m especially not the one in Kansas who penned a “step-by-step guide to Redemption, as well as activities to put God’s Redeeming Powers to action in your everyday lifestyle”—though I was quite entertained by the coincidence.
  2. Interview with the writer B. Morris Allen, editor of Metaphorosis, on the publication ofCadon, Hunter, and why it took so bloody long to get another novel out after the Gil trilogy was published. Some issues of atheism and skepticism are also addressed.
  3. Interview with Jonathan Pearce on Patheos; and an interesting additional commentary on the same interview from the archaeologist and writer Jason Colavito, invaluable go-to guy for solid skeptical looks at fringe archaeology and pseudohistory.

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