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What Hitchens never said about Iran

After seeing how these people bash Richard Dawkins almost just for being alive, and how they sistematically smear Sam Harris, no wonder they waited for Hitchens to die — with their fragile egos, they wouldn’t have survived a Hitchslap in response.

My Muhammad depiction — 2015 Edition

I want to say a few words that should be more than enough for any civilized person who has not lived under a rock so far in 2015 to understand the paramount importance of drawing any concept without pandering to the ridiculous restrictions of barbaric superstitions:

Why jihadists hate the West?

Why did Muslim fundamentalists place a bomb in a nightclub in Bali? Has the Indonesian government extracted oil from other Muslim countries they invaded? No: the terrorists placed a bomb at the club, precisely because…

Inhuman, just inhuman

I guess I just find it quite ironic that a supposedly post against “dehumanizing” is actually a part of series concentrated efforts to dehumanize decent people out of envy.