• Charlie Hebdo lives

    After the Islamic terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo, we’re getting very much needed good news.Next week, Charlie Hebdo will publish:

    Surviving staff members of Charlie Hebdo have vowed to publish the satirical weekly next Wednesday, despite the murder of most of its senior journalists – with a hoped-for print run of 1m copies.

    Google said it will donate €250,000 (£195,000) to help support the publication from its press innovation fund; a further €250,000 was pledged by French newspaper publishers, to be taken by a donation tax, according to a report in Les Echos.

    The two groups involved in the distribution of the papers will take no fee for next week’s issue.

    Richard Malka, the magazine’s lawyer, told Les Echos that the remaining staff aim to print 1m copies of the satirical weekly which has a typical print run of 60,000.

    In an emotional interview with French TV channel Télé, a free-to-air news channel, a visibly upset Patrick Pelloux, a casualty doctor who also wrote for the weekly, vowed to publish next week’s issue. Between sobs he said Charlie Hebdo will continue as otherwise the killers will have won: “Le journal va continuer, ils n’ont pas gagné.”

    Asked how, he said it would be difficult but that the death of his editors could not be “for nothing”. “It’s very hard. We are all suffering, with grief, with fear, but we will do it anyway because stupidity will not win,” he said.

    That’s courage.

    This is how you stand up for free speech, instead of the faint-hearted and coward stances pusillanimous media outlets —such as the New York Times— took.

    Kudos and a long life to Charlie Hebdo!

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    Article by: Ðavid A. Osorio S

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