• Eco-talibans threaten Spanish scientist

    José Miguel Mulet is a biotechnology professor of at the Polytechnic University of Valencia. He is a science popularizer as well, and has written three scientifically sound books so far — one about so-called ‘natural’ products, one about eating without fear and the third one, just released this year, about scams-free medicine, he’s one of us!

    This week he was on a tour in Argentina to promote his fear-free eating book, but this happened:

    The talk at the National University of Córdoba by the author of “Comer sin miedo“, José Miguel Mulet, was canceled due to “threats” received by the Spanish scientist and popularizer.

    This was announced by one of the organizers of the event, scheduled at 7 pm in the Argentina Pavilion, according to eyewitnesses that recounted this for La Voz.

    The spokesman read a letter from Mulet in which he excused himself from attending due to “threats” adding, on his own, that these were “death threats”.

    Mulet talked about his book with this newspaper a few days ago. He said: “People think that agrochemicals are things used by farmers because they are very bad and they want to affect us all. They do not realize that no one uses them for fun, on the contrary, the farmer would rather not to use them because they cost work and money but they are needed for food production, because if they were not used, pests would eat the crop”.

    Argentinian reader Federico Vergelli planned to attend Mulet’s talk. He recorded the more than prone to riot tempers of the people who were waiting for Mulet at the Argentina Pavilion —they were accusing Mulet of being a Monsanto sell-out—:

    The skeptic page El retorno de los charlatanes has the testimony of Norberto Gómez, another attendee:

    I come from the (failed) JM Mulet’s conference, about his book Comer sin miedo. The conference, which was to take place in the Argentina Pavilion of the UNC, was suspended due to the death threats against Mulet. In the slow descent into hell that they are leading us into, the ecofascists have won another battle. It’s not enough with their lies, their imitations of science, the non-stopping fear-mongering. Since they have been allowed all this, today they make us go another step down. Today they were allowed to silence a voice, today they denied dissent. Today they threatened to kill those who think differently… in my college. Although I am in sorrow, they have now crossed a boundary. Today they have become criminals. I have no hope that the perpetrators will have to explain their behavior to a judge. I’m not that naive. But I still believe the same things. Today, more than ever, let’s trade fear for knowledge.

    The head behind the death threats is a well known character in Argentina and pseudo-ecology world: Sofia Gatica, a professional ‘victim’ who was awarded the Goldman Prize in 2012 for environmental ‘activism’, worth $ 175,000. For more than a decade, she has been claiming that GMOs and glyphosate cause the all kinds frightening diseases — of course, so far she hasn’t given any evidence whatsoever to prove such claims. I guess the only thing she and I could ever agree on is characterizing her as an Argentinean Vandana Shiva (that’s one of the worst insults I could ever think of).

    I think we’re past the point of calling this kind of bigots snowflakes. I think stormtroopers suits them better.

    (image: JM Mulet)

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