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A ‘good’ Quran?

If, in order to avoid killings for any trifle, the book with instructions on how to treat each other requires longer comments than the very instructions, it isn’t a useful tool in the first place.

My Muhammad depiction — 2015 Edition

I want to say a few words that should be more than enough for any civilized person who has not lived under a rock so far in 2015 to understand the paramount importance of drawing any concept without pandering to the ridiculous restrictions of barbaric superstitions:

Why jihadists hate the West?

Why did Muslim fundamentalists place a bomb in a nightclub in Bali? Has the Indonesian government extracted oil from other Muslim countries they invaded? No: the terrorists placed a bomb at the club, precisely because…

Inhuman, just inhuman

I guess I just find it quite ironic that a supposedly post against “dehumanizing” is actually a part of series concentrated efforts to dehumanize decent people out of envy.