• Egypt calls for criminalization of contempt of religion

    They have really crazy people in Egypt:

    Egypt’s minister for religious endowments called for the issuance of an “international law to criminalise contempt of religion” on Sunday.


    Gomaa believes the international law, which he is calling for, should criminalise contempt of religion “without any discrimination.”

    He thinks defamation of religion should be punishable by law, which is absurd — by definition, you can not defame religion just like you can not defame politics or literature.

    Moreover, any sane and moderately literate person would despise religions for being instruments of discrimination, hatred and intolerance among humans.

    Ironically, Gomaa wants to criminalize any association between religion and anything socially disapproved of, without realizing that in the process he is strengthening the link between religion and censorship. In fact, Gomaa’s proposal is self-defeating, because religious leaders are the first ones to scorn their own competition.

    The Islamic world was behind schedule this year to ask for the recriminalización of blasphemy worldwide — maybe they were too busy paying homage to the Kouachi brothers.

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    Article by: Ðavid A. Osorio S

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