• Spotlight: how the Church’s sex abuse was uncovered

    Between 2001 and 2002, the Boston Globe reporters Mike Rezendes, Matt Carroll, Sacha Pfeiffer and Walter Robinson, along with editor Ben Bradlee Jr., published a series of reports on the systematic sexual abuse of children in Catholic churches in Boston and Ireland — the Catholic Church did more than praying to prevent the truth from being known but even with god (and tons of money) on their side they couldn’t keep the journalists’ toughness from winning.

    Their research and remarkable bravery earned them the 2003 Pulitzer Prize.

    Now, the story behind the research and the Catholic efforts to cover up child molesters will hit cinemas in November. It’s entitled Spotlight.


    Among the highlights of the film there is its cast, which will feature renowned actors like Rachel McAdams, Liev Schreiber, Mark Ruffalo and Michael Keaton.

    After the Church boycotted films such as The Crime of Father Amaro and The Golden Compass —a sort of atheist-Narnia—, presumably Spotlight faced similar obstacles but with better luck — at any rate the Church is so sure of its truth that it will do anything to prevent alternative views that challenge it to reach large audiences.

    Looks like we have an interesting movie to see in November. Mark your calendars!

    Curiously enough, Liev Schreiber stars the Ray Donovan series, in which one of its sub-plots (CAUTION, SPOILERS!) deals with the suffering of family members at the hands of a pederast Catholic priest, the consequences of abuse and seeking revenge.

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