• Pope Francis: “Love poverty like your own mother”

    The unpresentable Teresa of Calcutta loved poverty and suffering like only Catholic sadists can.

    Now, Pope Francis is following her footsteps since his statements during his recent visit to Cuba eerily resemble those of the harpy:

    The leader of the Catholic Church urged the protection of the most vulnerable, he said “our holy mother church is poor, God wants it poor, just like he wanted our Holy Mother Mary poor”.

    When the spirit of wealth gets into the heart of a religious (…) when you start raising money saving, God is so good that he sends you a disaster because that sets you free, makes you poor”, said Francis. “Love poverty as a mother”, he added.

    It is very comfortable and hypocritical to say that god wants a poor church while they have filled coffers, collect tithing and sell indulgences.

    What reaches a new level of jerk is telling a population that has endured shortages and hardship for half a century that that’s because they are the favorites of the celestial dictator.

    (via Ylmer Aranda | image: Catholic Church England and Wales)

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    Article by: Ðavid A. Osorio S

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