Science and Spirituality: An Introduction for Students, Secular People & the Generally Curious

This book provides a short introduction to humanism, aimed at students, young people and those seeking to understand a world without God and those who believe in a science-based, naturalistic worldview.

Berger takes the reader on a whistle-stop tour of the universe absent of a god and finds it to be enlightening, rather than scary; meaningful, rather than aimless; hopeful and rational.

Science and Spirituality is a refreshing introduction to the non-religious scientific worldview. Joseph Berger offers clarity to how religious and irreligious ideas do or do not entwine with science, making these complex topics accessible without opinion. This book is the perfect place to start in one’s journey to better understand the role of religion and science in shaping our view of one another and the world.

– Kristin Wintermute, Director of Education at the American Humanist Association