Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: Etiology, Phenomenology, and Treatment

By Dr. Caleb Lack

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: Etiology, Phenomenology, and Treatment provides an introduction to the fascinating world of those with problematic obsessions and compulsions. Some of the world’s leading researchers and clinicians contribute chapters to this volume, which covers everything from the causes of OCD, to how it manifests across different cultural settings, to evidence-based treatments. Both new clinicians and those experienced with the disorder will find useful information inside, as will those seeking to learn more for themselves or their family members.

“Lack has assembled a terrific volume on OCD that is concise yet thorough. A must read for students, clinicians, and researchers… every chapter of this book is clearly written and the authors stick to the most up-to-date scientifically supported knowledge. The chapters on symptom dimensions in OCD and cultural manifestations of the disorder are highlights and make this book unique. It will occupy a prominent place on my bookshelf and become required reading for my students.” Jonathan S. Abramowitz, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Here is an Amazon review for the book:

As a clinical psychology graduate student, I was looking for a thorough and accurate OCD book to help me understand the issues faced by some of my clients. Dr. Lack’s book delivers in spades. He provides scientifically sound information, from OCD’s etiology to the disorder’s effect on families. The book is not only helpful for practicing clinicians and graduate students. I believe clients suffering from OCD can also glean a lot of information from this book. I will be recommending it to my clients in the future, and I don’t hesitate to recommend it to individuals looking for material on Amazon.

If you’re a lover of the scientific method and evidence-based treatments in clinical psychology, do yourself a favor and check out Dr. Lack’s Great Plains Skeptic column on Skeptic Ink. Because I read that stuff, I knew this book would be great. I so happy I was right!