Mood Disorders: An Introduction

By Dr. Caleb Lack

In this book, clinical psychologist and professor Dr. Caleb Lack introduces readers to the class of mental health problems known as the mood disorders. Covering what we know about each of the specific disorders across eight areas (DSM-IV criteria, changes expected in DSM-5, associated features, presentation differences across the lifespan, gender and cultural differences, epidemiology, etiology, and empirically supported treatments), this text is structured in an easily digestible, but still highly informative, fashion.

Here are some Amazon reviews:

He somehow tricked me into thinking that learning was fun by adding many funny comments into his textbook while still managing to teach me! All textbook-making(money-hungry)-people should do it this way. It’s also such a reasonable price, which is completely unlike all other textbooks!

This is a must have if you work with mood disorders or are interested in psychology. Dr. Lack presents the information in an easily digested format that helps the professional and the layman understand the subject. It provides a great starting point to begin looking for evidenced bases therapy to help with the issues. Well worth looking in to.

This brief yet thorough book is an excellent resource for anyone working with people diagnosed with a mood disorder. It’s thorough enough for clinicians and physicians and clear enough for students.

Each section focuses on a particular mood disorder and covers diagnostic criteria, etiology, associated features, and even describes evidence-based treatments for each disorder.

Bottom line, Caleb Lack offers a clear and concise description of mood disorders and anyone studying psychology should have a copy on his or her bookshelf.

A must have for psychology students! This is a clear and concise guide for DSM changes. Cliff Notes for mood disorders on steroids! Highly recommended.

Great synopsis of mood disorders! A great resource for students, educators, clinicians and anyone wanting a concise guide to mood disorders!