Anxiety Disorders: An Introduction

By Dr. Caleb Lack

In this book, clinical psychologist and professor Dr. Caleb Lack introduces readers to the class of mental health problems known as the anxiety disorders. Covering what we know about each of the specific disorders across eight areas (DSM-IV criteria, changes expected in DSM-5, associated features, presentation differences across the lifespan, gender and cultural differences, epidemiology, etiology, and empirically supported treatments), this text is structured to in an easily digestible, but still highly informative fashion. “In Anxiety Disorders: An Introduction Dr. Caleb Lack artfully depicts the nature, clinical features, and empirical treatment literature associated with anxiety disorders. This volume is a must-have for any clinician or researcher given the high quality of writing, concise but thorough nature in which information is conveyed, and clinical utility.” – Eric Storch, Ph.D., All Children’s Hospital Guild Endowed Chair Professor, University of South Florida “… a succinct overview of anxiety disorders… an honest appraisal of the strength and weaknesses of various approaches to identification… This book is an excellent introduction or reference for students and practitioners.” – B. Scott Singleton, PsyD, BCBA-D, NCSP, University of Central Oklahoma

Here are some reviews from Amazon:

I recommend this book to anyone wanting to learn about anxiety disorders, wants to brush up on their knowledge, or just needs a reference! It is easy to read and highlights all that you need to know about the disorders.

First textbook I actually enjoyed reading (while still learning)! It was easy to read, and the humor made all of the information memorable.

A very helpful and concise transition from the DSM IV and introduction to the DSM V. A must read for students in the psychology field and excellent reference for practice.

Dr. Caleb Lack gave clear and concise information pertaining to anxiety disorders. The information contained in this book can be helpful for people who are practicing psychotherapy as well as the lay man who wishes to gain more information about anxiety disorders. Dr. Lack does a great job of covering the basics of these disorders while still giving enough information to be helpful for all who read. Personally, I found the conceptualization of disorders very helpful. Either way, professional or not, this book will have information helpful to all who read. Thanks, Dr. Lack!

Dr. Lack explains anxiety disorders in a clear and concise way that is extremely helpful for students or sufferers. I recommend this book for anyone interested in anxiety disorders

This book was a great, simple, and detailed description of anxiety disorders and treatments from all aspects. Whether you need this book for the class or are interested in this field of psychology for your major/minor it is a great way to learn about these areas and continues to be a reference for myself throughout the rest of my academic career!

This is an excellent place to start to understand anxiety disorders. Even for those who work with them daily, Dr. Lack explains the changes coming in the DSM-V in terms that are easily understood. Having the information that he provides at hand is very helpful including the pharmaocological side as well as evidenced based treatments that have been shown to be effective. I would highly recommend this book to both the novice psychology minor and those majoring in the field.