Rebecca Bradley

Rebecca Bradley, born in Vancouver and raised mostly in Calgary, started a round-the-world trip in the 1970s that lasted twenty-odd years and gained her a family, a Ph.D. in Archaeology from Cambridge, much experience grubbing around in the Nile Valley, and a lifetime of entertaining things and places to write about.Rebecca J. Bradley

In the meantime, she wrote the Gil Trilogy (fantasy), Temutma (horror, coauthored with Stewart Sloan), The Lateral Truth, and a slew of short stories for anthologies and her own collections. Her work has been presented on radio on the CBC in Canada, RTHK in Hong Kong, and in translation in Germany.

Rebecca now lives in thrall to cats and chickens on an acreage in British Columbia, and writes a blog for the Skeptic Ink Network.

Here are Bradley’s books released on Loom:

Cadon, Hunter

The Lateral Truth: An Apostate’s Bible Stories

From Hades With Love

The Gil Trilogy:

Lady in Gil

Scion’s Lady

Lady Pain