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Ray Comfort and The Obama Trillion Dollar Bill

I went to a public restroom the other day and saw an obviously phony Obama bill on the ground. Thinking that it was a Tea Party tract, I picked it up and put it in my pocket because I always like to know what the crazies are saying. To my surprise it wasn’t a Tea Party tract. It was even better – A Ray Comfort tract!!!!

My Interview With Ray Comfort

Yeah that’s right, I interviewed Ray Comfort! Last week, I read an excellent interview that Hemant Mehta did with Comfort and I thought to myself, “I want to interview him too.” My plan was slightly less friendly than the Friendly Atheist. I don’t think it is fair that Ray edits his interviews so my plan was to edit my interview with him. But that Ray Comfort is a wily one. No, no, you can’t con a con.

He Has Risen!

Over the weekend, I had an experience that I just can’t explain rationally. A few weeks ago, I went on Ray Comfort’s Facebook page and he challenged atheists to read his book. I told him that I was game and sure enough, he sent me a copy. I was in the middle of debunking the crap out of it when I decided to take a break. My financial situation hasn’t been great lately and I have been thinking a great deal about that. Before I started reading Ray Comfort’s book again, I decided to pray to God for money. I mean, if God can help basketball teams, he should be able to help out too, right? Here is what happened; I picked up Comfort’s book and a ten dollar bill fell out of it. God has answered my prayers!

The Smoking Gun Evidence For Evolution

Christian evangelist Ray Comfort is at it again. I recently popped in on his Facebook page and noticed that he surprisingly isn’t all that fond of the word, “banana.” That aside, he recently posted a status demanding “extraordinary evidence” for evolution. He clownishly claims that there is no evidence.