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God’s Democrat

The first Democratic Primary Debate is over and now Republicans can be outraged that religion was barely mentioned. With that…

God Didn’t Foresee Fundamentalists

I often criticize and argue against religious fundamentalists because I think there are more of them than people realize and that they wield a great deal of political power in this country. However, many religious criticize me and other atheists for “picking low hanging fruit.” They claim that we aren’t arguing against “real” Christians and that fundamentalists have religion all wrong. That’s interesting, because it seems that God in his all-knowingness couldn’t foresee that fundamentalists would or could “twist” his message so easily.

Interpretation Isn’t The Problem – Religion Is!

Many more progressive religious believers and a few misguided atheists insist that religion isn’t really the problem; the problem is merely how some extremists interpret religion. They claim that atheists like me want to throw the baby out with the bathwater. I disagree. I just don’t want to drown the baby in baptism.

TYT Takes Down Religion

This is why I love it that the number one online news program are filled with rational people who self-identify as “agnostics.” The on-air personalities of The Young Turks aren’t those mean atheists like me; they are open-minded progressives like me. They are also not “preaching” to the “choir” in that their audience isn’t just atheists. I don’t know if I can call them mainstream, but they are certainly more mainstream than the average atheist broadcaster.

Get Ready For Another Fun Super Soul Sunday

Oprah is at it again. This week’s Super Soul Sunday will feature liberal Christian Rob Bell. Bell is a popular Christian mega-church pastor and author with a mission to bring God into the 21st Century because even Christians are embarrassed by their deity.

Belief Craziness Scale Quiz For Christians

Often times when I am talking about Christianity I try to speak generally. I focus on claims the Bible makes and some of the more popular beliefs that Christians hold. This gets me into trouble because obviously not all Christians are the same and there will always be a Christian who claims that the majority of Christians don’t believe in God literally or something.

God is an Oldsmobile

Pastor Rob Bell has a new book coming out. In a video promoting his book, he once again starts off making our arguments for us. I’m not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing.

Atheism Needs Your Vote Today!

Every year, Netroots Nation has a big conference in which they gather a bunch of progressive activists together for training and informational sessions. In the age of the internet, Netroots Nation has become kind of a big deal. This year, they are having a contest to decide who will get a free booth at the conference to promote a cause. American Atheists Inc. is one of the contestants.

Religion Is Comfortable With Science… Only To A Point

Whenever the debate arises between science and religion, there are generally liberal theistic believers who come forward to express their support for science while touting their religious identity. These liberal theistic believers then declare that there is no debate between science and religion. They are wrong!