• How Michael Bay Can Help Save The Planet

    michael-bayI’m not really a fan of Michael Bay because most of his films are basically disaster porn. But that’s okay because this blog post has nothing really to do with him. It has to do with a comment someone left on my Facebook page in relation the video of Leonardo DiCaprio’s speech to the United Nations about Climate Change.

    A conservative “friend” (i.e. someone I never met who happens to be an atheist) on Facebook saw my posting of this video and took the opportunity to spout out his denial of Climate Change. At one point in the discussion he said this:

    “We still haven’t got past the point that climate change is devastating to the human race. I don’t see it.”

    I think this is an important comment because it shows the mind set of many Climate Change deniers. Sure, there are more frequent and more severe climate events around the world and sure, the polar ice caps are melting causing and not only raising the sea-level on coasts, but also warming the Earth’s oceans and making hurricanes stronger and more frequent, but it isn’t anything like that crappy movie, “The Day After Tomorrow” (yes, I know Michael Bay didn’t make that one).

    That got me thinking though. These Climate Change deniers don’t consider weather events like Hurricane Sandy and Hurricane Katrina to be devastating enough. They don’t think that all those strong tornadoes in the mid-west were that big of a deal. And who cares about some polar bear trapped on a glacier? If Michael Bay made a Climate Change movie, there would be much more devastation and since we don’t see that massive Michael Bay style devastation, Climate Change must not be that big of a deal.

    Fox News is always pointing out that it still snows in winter; therefore Climate Change must be bullshit. No matter how much it is pointed out that weather and climate are different, they just don’t get it. They aren’t seeing the massive devastation and they aren’t seeing the dramatic climate shifts because they are expecting it to be like a Michael Bay movie.

    Solution: Michael Bay should stop making movies. This is great in and of itself, but there is a different job I think he should be doing. He should become a weatherman. Seriously, he would know all the right real life scenes to show that would make climate deniers understand the real devastation that is being caused.

    Instead of some preppy dude with perfect hair standing out in the rain with his umbrella blowing away or some young blond in a mini-skirt and tight shirt shivering in the cold, we could have the disaster porn king highlighting cars being swept away and putting computer models on the screen of what could happen if the water temperature was just a few degrees different. Maybe trap two lovers on different icebergs because the polar cap melted and now they will be separated forever.

    Michael Bay could do for the Weather Channel what Honey Boo Boo did for whatever the fuck channel that show is one. Move over Duck Dynasty, Michael Bay presents “The Weather Report.”

    My point is that if these climate deniers can’t see the effect of Global Climate Change because they are expecting Michael Bay style changes overnight, then maybe Michael Bay can show them that those changes are happening right now just not overnight. They are playing out a little bit each year over many years and by the time a skyscraper gets washed away in the tide, there won’t be anything we can do. There might not be anything we can do now.

    And that brings me back to Leo DiCaprio’s awesome speech at the United Nations. Enjoy:

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    Article by: Staks Rosch

    Staks Rosch is a writer for the Skeptic Ink Network & Huffington Post, and is also a freelance writer for Publishers Weekly. Currently he serves as the head of the Philadelphia Coalition of Reason and is a stay-at-home dad.