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Natural Disasters: Therefore Bible Is True

A Christian recently commented to me that because the Book of Revelation talks about greater natural disasters before the End Times, this is proof that God exists the Bible is true. While I have heard this argument before, it hit me funny this time and I lost my shit.

How Michael Bay Can Help Save The Planet

I’m not really a fan of Michael Bay because most of his films are basically disaster porn. But that’s okay because this blog post has nothing really to do with him. It has to do with a comment someone left on my Facebook page in relation the video of Leonardo DiCaprio’s speech to the United Nations about Climate Change.

Solar Tours

It might not have been as fun as Star Tours, but it was much more educational and could help to save human life on this planet. Last weekend, I went on a Solar Tour of various solar and energy efficient homes in the Maryland area.

God Punished Oklahoma For Being Republicans

Every time there is a natural disaster, I hear some crazy Christian leader talk about how God sent the disaster (or at least didn’t prevent it) because of atheists, gays, the ACLU, or some other group that fundamentalists don’t like. Now it is my turn!