• How Rebecca Watson misrepresented evo-psych

    Some time ago, mi fellow SINner Ed Clint debunked Rebecca Watson‘s claims about evolurionary psychology. It is a lenghty read, but I think it’s worht it (so much, that I even translated Ed’s post into Spanish).

    For those of you who don’t have the time for such a long read, or rather the video format, you’re in luck! Turns out Myles Power just posted a video in his channel challenging Watson’s misrepresentation of evo-psych — and it’s only 15 minutes long:

    Now you have no excuse for not knowing what the evo-psych debate is about, and one of the reasons we want to dissociate ourselves from pseudo-skeptics who claim it to be pseudoscience.

    And in case you want to know more about this topic, by the end of the video, Myles suggests Ed’s post, as well as those by Chris Hallquist and David Schmitt.

    I’d reccomend as well Jerry Coyne‘s and Steven Pinker‘s accounts.

    A rather curious thing for a video supposedly aimed at a skeptic audience: notice that Myles warn people not to discredit his video because of his skin color or sexual orientation. What a sad state of things when you have to remind supposedly rational people to focus on the argument instead of deciding whether it’s truthful or not depending on biological traits of whoever claims it.

    By the way, you can follow Myles on Facebook and Twitter (and you’re missing out if you’re not doing so already).

    (via Jack Rayner)

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