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Poking holes at Sam Harris’ bear example

If you cooperate systematically with systematic non-cooperators, you’re enabling them, you become their accomplice, and I don’t see myself trying to put a project together with a bear in the short or medium term, but I do see myself working and living with humans around me.

Intersectionality debunked

Contrary to the common assumption that racism and sexism are twin prejudices propping up a white male power structure, minority women are far less likely to be the target of racist treatment than minority men.

Men can talk abortion

I don’t need to be black to reject racism, I don’t need to be gay to reject homophobia, I don’t need to be Muslim to reject the anti-Muslim bigotry, and I don’t have to be a woman to support abortion.

Plastic surgery and narcoaesthetics

When a young woman decides to have an aesthetic surgery, she is seeking to increase her sex appeal, and she is convinced that the surgery will lead her to have more of it. She can argue that it is a self-esteem issue or that it is because she can improve her status, but basically, if the result of the surgery does not lead to an increase in her sex appeal she would not have it.