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Weaknesses of Evolution – Part 8 – Change Over Time

We’ve finished talking about fossils and now we move to ‘presently observed nature weaknesses’ (I’m not even going to comment on the exceedingly poor wording.). What the Texas creationists have done is set up a system where each bit of evidence for evolution is considered individually and dismissed. Then, they claim that the entire theory has problems. As we shall see here, this causes them some problems.

Weaknesses of Evolution – Part 5 – Randomness and Information

Ah, this is a modern classic. Indeed, this is what the idea of intelligent design is based on. I could go for hours on this topic. I will try to restrict myself to only refutations of this creationist claim.

There is no known natural source of the information that is present in all life systems. Random processes are never known to produce information.

Weaknesses of Evolution – Part 4 – Oxygen

Oxygen can damage us though. It can react with many different types of molecules. It can damage things like amino acids, proteins, and the nucleic acids. Which brings us to the next claim by Texas creationists.

Photo dissociation of water vapor has been a source of oxygen since the Earth formed, and there is substantial geologic evidence that a significant amount of oxygen existed in the atmosphere prior to the advent of photosynthesis. Oxygen breaks down amino acids and sugars that are postulated to have formed!