• Mob Justice

    Once again, the internet has lost it’s collective shit and potentially harmed multiple people. While I deeply understand the sentiment, I can’t help but feeling this is what the Salem witch trials were like.

    Now, it is very likely that a particular dentist killed a lion. And that offends me on so many levels (I still prefer animals to people… except for mosquitoes and snakes). However, this era of internet mod justice is not going to end well.

    We’ve already seen a few instances of various mobs eating their own. And we’ve seen multiple reports of the instigators of these mob justice events admitted to or where proven to be lying.

    As the saying goes, A lie will be halfway round the world before the truth has put on its shoes.

    That is why we have courts. These things can be decided in formats, while not be perfectly free of logical fallacy and manipulation, are at least organized and have evidence presented and the assumption of innocence until (sufficient) proof of guilt.


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    Article by: Smilodon's Retreat