• 22 Answers to Creationists

    I think everyone has seen this buzzfeed by now. Our own Staks has already responded, but I’d like to weigh in here too.

    1) Bill Nye, Are you influencing the minds of children in a positive way?

    Yes, yes he is. He is teaching them to look at evidence and come to their own conclusion.  To see that evidence can be used to change minds. And (as we shall see) not to embarrass themselves by asking stupid questions. Unlike someone *cough*KenHam*cough* who said that “no amount of evidence will convince me.” (paraphrase)

    2) Are you scared of a Divine Creator?

    I’m going to answer this as one of the (quickly dead) characters in David Weber’s book Crusade. “Which one?”

    And no, neither I nor anyone should be scared of a “divine” creator. It should be obvious by now to anyone who actually pays attention that, even if said creator does exist, it hasn’t down jack on Earth for thousands of years.

    What I am scared of (and everyone should be) is the ignorance, fear, and hatred that is promoted as good things by those who are believers in said creator.

    3) Is it completely illogical that the earth[sic] was creatre mature? i.e trees created with rings… Adam created as an adult…

    What this gentleman is telling us is that his divine creator is a liar. There are living trees older than Ken Ham’s idea of the age of Earth.

    Scientists think that the universe is old because of the microwave background radiation, the speed and distance of stars (whose light we still see), and that stars change their character in a predictable way as the age. All of this, according to this guy, is a lie.

    In his reality, the entire universe and everything in it was created Last Thursday and all of our memories are fake. How is that comforting? How is that not scarier than ‘there is no god’?


    4. Does not the Second law of thermodynamics disprove Evolution?[sic… all of it… sic]

    No. SLoT deals only with the flow of heat. All that talk of disorder, decay, etc are ANALOGIES to help people who can’t do basic math get a handle on something that’s very easy. An analogy is not the thing.

    Let me add this. This ‘adult’ is obviously much larger than he was as a baby. He’s increased the number of cells in his body several times over what he was born with and trillions of times over what he was conceived as (one cell).  If the second law prevented evolution, then it would also prevent growth and food being used to power us.

    Thus a prime example of how not understanding basic science leads one to faulty conclusions (hence my answer to number 1 above.)

    5. How do you explain a sunset if their is no God?

    First, please quit embarrassing yourself. Second, Earth spins, thus what we can see in the sky changes over time (24 hours roughly). As light changes between mediums, the light is bent. Different frequencies of light bend at different angles and begin to separate from each other… generating the colors that we see.

    Sadly, this is stuff that I would teach to 5th grade students. This woman is not smarter than a 5th grader.

    6. If the Big Bang Theory is true and taught as science long with evolution, Why do the laws of thermodynamics debunk said theories?

    I already talked about SLoT and life.  But SLoT and the entire universe!?!?!?!  OMG… oh wait. The universe, to the limits of our ability to measure, contains zero energy. All the creationists say, “you expect us to believe that something came from nothing”. But actually, “nothing came from nothing” and we’re just a strange accident of nothing.

    Yes, that’s right.  It’s a weird statement and it has some strange consequences, but it’s also true. The entire universe is a hiccup. I would encourage to read A Universe from Nothing.


    I has to look this up.  From Wikipedia

    In philosophy, noetics is a branch of metaphysical philosophy concerned with the study of mind and intellect.

    Another definition talked about how the intellect can alter the physical world… I assume that they don’t mean how I could built a shovel and dig a ditch.

    It’s ill formed questions like this that make me weep. I expect this from my 7-year-old, but not from an adult… actually my 7-year-old doesn’t make questions this stupid. I taught him that a long time ago.

    Anyway, the brain exists. It’s a known fact that altering the brain can alter the personality, behaviors, memory, even physical control of the body. Since nothing else has ever been discovered outside of the brain (a soul for example), then the only possible conclusion is that the brain is where all this stuff resides.

    8. Where do you derive objective meaning in life?

    What is “objective meaning”. I love science. I love to learn. I like to teach. I like to play games. I like to read and to watch superheroes blow stuff up. But that’s all subjective.

    There is no objective meaning in life, except perhaps, to live. I’d be thrilled to hear the evidence of objective meaning in life.  But what if it’s to worship Cthulhu?

    This gentleman, I’ll also note is assuming his conclusion is true and demanding that I find a way to reject it (as many of these do). Sadly, it’s pretty trivial.

    9. If God did not create everything, how did the first single-celled organism originate? By Chance?

    First, let me ask a question. If I can show you sufficient evidence that the first living thing could have originated without a creator, will you become an atheist?  I somehow doubt it. In other words, if someone can’t answer your silly question, then you feel justified in your belief. In someone can answer your question, to the best knowledge of science and evidence, then I’m willing to bet that you will move the goalpost and not accept the evidence.

    Second, the origin of life is a huge topic, scientist produced hundreds of papers per year on this very topic. Because it is a historical event and we weren’t there we will never know exactly how it happened.

    But, we can say with confidence that every single step from inorganic chemicals to complex, reproducing chains of RNA is plausible in the conditions of the early Earth. In fact, many of the products needed for life have a variety of metabolic pathways to generate them.

    10. I believe in the Big Bang Theory… God said it and BANG it happened!

    And no one can prove you wrong. Unfortunately, that doesn’t tell us anything. It’s a knowledge stopper. Once you say “god did it”, all further investigation into that topic ceases and we stop learning.

    If you choose to stop learning, I can force you. But you have become less than human. You have become, in a very real sense, a mindless automaton devoted to something for which no evidence exists.

    If this devotion where to anything but a deity, you would be generally laughed at, derided, and considered insane. If you believed whole-heartedly that there was an invisible, heatless, incorporeal dragon in your garage, you might end up seeing a therapist.

    But, because of the mass delusion in our world and that almost everyone else believes in the same delusion, you are considered ‘normal’.

    11. Why do evolutionists/secularists/humanists/non-God believing people reject the idea of their being a creator God but embrace the concept of intelligent design from aliens or other extra-terrestrial sources?

    In trying to make himself look smart, this guy really makes himself out to be an idiot.

    I know of no scientists that embrace the idea of intelligent design from aliens.  Please provide a reference.

    12. There is no in between… the only one found has been Lucy and there are only a few pieces of the hundreds necessary for an “official proof”.

    Five seconds on Wikipedia. And I wouldn’t call this a complete list. But I’m not a student of human evolution, but I know more than this girl.

    Suggestion for this young lady… quit accepting what others tell you without question and go do some research.

    13. Does metamorphosis help support evolution?


    First, there is something called incomplete metamorphosis, which would be transitional between something like molting (a necessary step  for animals with external shells to increase in size) and complete metamorphosis.

    Second, this is an excellent mechanism to prevent competition between the young of a species and the adults of a species.

    14. If Evolution is a Theory (like creationism or the Bible) Why then is Evolution taught as fact.

    Seriously? Where did you go to school? Random capitalization, missing punctuation, incorrect punctuation, doesn’t know what a scientific theory is, doesn’t know the difference between science and religion… sigh. And presumably, this gentleman can vote.

    Evolution has several meanings. The first is that aspect of change. This is observed in the lab and the real world. In that sense, evolution is a fact. It happens.

    Evolution is also a scientific theory (not a casual theory, which is what science calls a hypothesis), that described the processes and mechanisms of how evolution (the fact) happens. Evolutionary theory is supported by millions of individual pieces of data from dozens of scientific fields. It is predictive, meaning that we can use evolutionary theory to predict what will happen and see how that prediction compares with what actually happens. In every case, evolution has been successful.

    Creationism is not science. It does not make predictions. It does not provide a mechanism. It is not a fact.

    Parts of the Bible are fact, but then, parts of James Cameron’s movie Titanic were also facts.  It doesn’t make the whole thing a fact.

    15. Because science by definition is a ‘theory’ – not testable, observable, nor repeatable’ why do you object to creationism or intelligent design being taught in school?

    For crying out unprintable. This poor deluded woman has no idea what science even is.

    Let me quote from the National Academies Press.

    The formal scientific definition of theory is quite different from the everyday meaning of the word. It refers to a comprehensive explanation of some aspect of nature that is supported by a vast body of evidence.

    Science IS  the testing of hypotheses. Science MUST be repeatable. Science MUST be observable. Which is why creationism and intelligent design are not science.

    Does this woman think all science is just made up?  Well, the internet is a product of science. The electricity you use in your home is a product of science. The food you eat is a product of science. Go live in a cave for a few years and then come tell us how science is none of these things.

    This one really makes me mad. This poor woman has been lied to all her life. Probably by the religion she believes in.

    16. What mechanism has science discovered that evidences an increase of genetic inforamtion seen in any genetic mutation of evolutionary process.

    • Gene duplication
    • insertions
    • chromosomal copying
    • ERVs
    • etc


    17. What purpose do you think you are here for if you do not believe in salvation?


    How awesome is that? I can do anything I choose to do. I can write a book. I can play games. I can teach people. I can do anything I want to, because I don’t live in fear that I will do the wrong thing and burn in hell for eternity.

    I find it somewhat sad that people in our modern world feel that they are not free to do whatever they want. Especially when that fear comes from a myth. She would laugh at anyone suggesting that she behave in a certain manner because Odin doesn’t like it.  But replace Odin with Jesus and suddenly, it’s serious.

    18. Why have we found only 1 “Lucy”, when we have found more than 1 of everything else?


    19. Can you believe in “the big bang” without “faith”?

    I don’t ‘believe’ in the Big Bang. I think that it is the best explanation that fits the facts. When more data comes in, I may change my mind. But it has nothing to do with ‘faith’.

    20. How can you look at the world and not believe Someone Created/though of it? It’s Amazing!!!

    Yes, it is amazing.  It is more amazing that you will ever know. But you choose to remain ignorant about all the real wonders that exist, while believing in an invisible, incorporeal, entity that controls your entire life.

    I have spent summers digging 50 million year old fossils out of the ground. I’ve held the products of birth in my hands. I have built rockets that are the precursors to humans going to the moon.

    I did those things… not some creator.

    21. Relating to the big bang theory…. Where did the exploding star come from?

    {{ We’re going to take a brief break while I go to the emergency room. I performed the classic ‘headdesk’ maneuver forgetting that I have a glass desk.}}

    I’ll say this carefully. A thing did not explode. The universe (that is everything) rapidly expanded.

    Please, read something besides creationist tracts.

    22. If we came from monkeys then why are there still monkeys?

    If you came from your dad, how come your dad still exists?

    People ask why atheists and scientists are so angry about religion.

    This list is why.

    These aren’t even hard issues. I wrote this is less than an hour… including the research. I’ve taught this stuff to elementary school students. This is basic fundamental science.

    Every single one of these people in these images has more information at their fingertips than anyone else in the history of humans… and they ignore every bit of it. Just go to Wikipedia and type in “human fossils” or “big bang theory”.  It takes seconds.  It takes maybe 15 minutes to read a long Wikipeida article.

    These people have chosen to be ignorant. That’s the anger inducing, frustrating part of the whole thing. Instead of using the brain that they have, they have decided to turn it off and just be mental vegetables. The ignorance found on the buzzfeed page is simply staggering.

    It’s depressing that 50% of the US believes as these people do. And 50% of the US won’t take 15 minutes to learn about something.


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