• Real Unsolved Problems in Biology

    Evolutionists are constantly harping on a couple of “unsolved issues” with evolution.  Things like where did the information and the information processor come from?  But this really isn’t an issue for origins of life researchers (because RNA is also an enzyme).

    But here, I just wanted to bring up a few real mysteries (problems) in biology.  These aren’t Earth shattering, if the answer is wrong, then everything we know about everything is wrong, kinds of issues.  But they are things we don’t understand right now. And I’d like to challenge my pro-ID readers to show how, using ID principles, they would go about solving these questions.

    I’m not going into a lot of detail and I’m not doing a lot of research on these.  If they have been solved, please let me know, I’d be interested the results.

    Here’s a link to a PDF book on the subject as well.  It’s 315 odd pages, so be aware before you click.

    1. Why to we age?  Why do our bodies begin to fail as we get older?  What’s the evolutionary purpose?
    2. How do proteins travel through the Golgi apparatus?
    3. How did sex develop?
    4. The arthropod head problem is a long-standing zoological dispute concerning the segmental composition of the heads of the various arthropod groups, and how they are evolutionarily related to each other.
    5. Why do we dream?
    6. How is language implemented in the brain?
    7. How did the brain evolve and what controls brain development?
    8. Memories…

    And this is just a small sampling of issues that biologists and other scientists have been wrestling with, in some cases, since the lat 1890s.


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