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    The White House facebook feed posted this just now:


    Explain to me how we can “lead the world” when our leaders don’t even pretend to listen to the people that they are supposed to represent. We (the working class) are up to our eyeballs in debt and our leaders encourage that and don’t police the organizations that hold that debt.

    How can we “lead the world” when, by every measure, we are far behind in education, technology, education, and science spending? How can we “lead the world” when we refuse basic medical care and basic sustenance for our own citizens. When the cities and counties and states are taken people who have lost their homes, have no hope of jobs, and transporting them away… doesn’t matter where.. though one place is planning a concentration camp. And that should send shivers down the spine of anyone who has taken even a high school history course.

    How can we “lead the world” when our military budget is twice that of the next three largest countries’ military budget combined. Shall we lead them by threat of force? If they don’t do as we say, shall we invade them, bomb them, send our fleet of drones after them? Then we shall whine when those countries say bad things about us, but we’ll buy their oil anyway?

    How can we “lead the world” when other countries are expanding renewable energy much faster than we are?

    The answer is… it’s not our job to “lead the world”. We lost the moral high ground decades ago. We have problems at home, issues that the money spent on foreign wars would deal with here. Our people want to reduce the deficit, they want healthcare, they want privacy, and they want a government that listens and acts in the interest of the country instead of the interests of the few rich people who paid to get them elected.

    Ms. Ambassador, I am not a fan of the Bible, but there are still some good ideas in it. One of those about trying to remove a speck from another’s eye before dealing with the beam in yours. In other words, instead of spending all this effort to deal with problems, horrible though they might be, in another country… how about dealing with the citizens of THIS country who need help, who are out of work, who have been forcibly kicked out of their homes by the machinations of industry to reap the maximum profit will full support of the people that were elected to represent the people that used to live in those homes.

    Don’t talk to me about the courage to bomb people who can’t respond or send our young people to fight some enemies in a culture we don’t understand where the battlelines aren’t clear.  How well did that work in Vietnam or any of the other countries we done this too?  What about “changing the regime”?  How well has that worked for us historically?  Do you know any of those events?

    Don’t talk to me about courage when no one is willing to stand up to a government that flaunts our laws, ignores the founding documents of this country, and ignores the people who elected those government leader.

    It’s easy to fight.  It’s easy to start a war somewhere else.  It’s easy to paint others as the enemy.

    It takes courage to stand up and say, we’re tired of this.  We’re tired of being ignored.  We’re tired of being shat on.  We’re tired of you people acting in our name, but for your own personal agendas.

    Starting another war isn’t courage.  It’s fear.  It’s easy.

    Instead, take a stand.  Show the world we can be leaders and take the moral high ground again.  Let’s offer aid.  Let’s offer to help move refugees.  Let’s protect the innocent.  We can’t make people love others.  We can’t make people behave in a humane fashion.

    But we don’t have to keep promoting the violence.  We have the courage to say no more.  No more war.  But here’s some help.

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