• Cosmos 2014

    In 1980 (or thereabouts), one of the most amazing things happened.  PBS aired a documentary.  That’s not unusual in and of itself, but this was a documentary about science. A relatively unknown science guy talked about evolution, cosmology, the history of math, and how science works.

    Carl Sagan and Cosmos became household names.

    I was 8 at the time.  I don’t know why my dad watched it, but he did and I watched with him.  I’m reminded of the scene from The Secret of NIHM, where Nicodemus says “we saw the words and understood”.

    I didn’t get it then, but I knew that this stuff was amazing.  It was, literally, life-altering for me.  I’d always been a dinosaur kid.  I was into dinosaurs long before they were cool.  My mom made me a stuffed stegosaurus because they just didn’t exist at the time.

    Now… now it’s time for a new generation to be inspired by the wonder that is Cosmos.


    Neil DeGrasse Tyson is certainly a worthy successor to Carl Sagan.

    and I am really looking forward to this… and to sharing it with my son.

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