• Camp Quest – Texas

    Camp Quest is an organization that provides week-long, sleep-over summer camps for atheists and freethinkers.

    We work hard throughout the year to bring forth our best ideas in making our Summer Camp a fun and educational experience, allowing campers to grow. We host philosophy discussions (like Socrates Café) where we encourage campers to continuously ask while formulating their own opinions. Our Summer Camp teaches campers how to think, not what to think.

    I will be sending my child when he’s old enough.

    Camp Quest has a wish-list on Amazon… Camp Quest Wish list.

    They need supplies to help promote thinking, observation, and science skills.  I wish I could buy them the microscope and slide set, but I can’t right now.

    If you can help, I would personally appreciate it.

    They also accept donations to provide ‘scholarships’ for kids who, otherwise, wouldn’t be able to attend camp.





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