• Find Evidence of Other Universes – Challenge Accepted

    I’ve been saying that this is possible for while now.  And the results are finally in.  The results aren’t conclusive though.

    According to this paper, there is evidence of other universes out there.  These scientists used data from the Wilkinson Microwave Background Probe (WMAP) to look for evidence of our universe impacting other universes during it’s inflation stage.  What are the looking for?

    Concentric circles of energy appearing in the cosmic background radiation from the early universe (like 10-30 seconds).  They appear to have found several candidates.  NOw, whether these same patterns can appear from in-universe sources is unknown right now, but that’s why the conclusions are tentative.

    Why concentric circles?  Think of a nice pond with a totally smooth surface.  Now drop a beach ball in the middle.  You will see these concentric circles of energy from the ball dissipate throughout the pond… we call them waves.

    The hypothesis is that these patterns appear in the background radiation of our universe (the pond) when it hits something very large and very dense… say a super-massive black hole in another universe (the beach ball).

    Of course, this paper doesn’t find the same evidence.  That’s OK.  That’s what science is about.  People with ideas finding evidence to support their ideas.

    I’m looking forward to more research from these groups.

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