• Children Are the Future

    This latest major incident about firearms has sparked some thoughts in me.  Regardless of what one believes, wishes were true, hopes to be true; whether you place blame on the 5-year-old boy, his parents, the gun manufacturer, or legislation; whether you think guns are evil, holy, tools of death, or tools of survival…


    That is the ONLY point that matters. A little girl who should be alive, playing with her big brother and parents is dead.

    Think about our society for minute.  Think about how certain groups are placing blame… or not placing blame.  What does it say about our society that this can even happen?

    One can believe in the US Constitution, God, Liberty, and Samuel Colt all one wants, but at the end of the day ANYONE who thinks that any of those things are more important than a 2-year-old little girl is a moron.  Life is more important than any of that.

    The United States is only now beginning to realize this in a very basic way.  We have started prosecuting people who let children die from preventable diseases because their religion is against doctors  or medicine. It doesn’t matter what your religion is or how powerful your god is… a child is dead.

    And that, above all things, is (IMO) fundamentally immoral.

    Children are the future.  We give our children huge amounts of resources over a long period of time in order that they are prepared to face the world.  Whether we’re talking about a stone-age tribe or the most modern family in a megacity.

    We are sad when they are.  We gaze in wonder as they discover things for the first time.  We cheer first steps.  Most of us would sacrifice ourselves for a child.

    We have to protect children because they simply don’t know about our world.  Children are not capable of protecting themselves from the dangers of the world.  In many cases, they can’t even recognize the danger.  The 5-year-old who shot his sister probably had (and still has) no idea what really happened.  Can you imagine how this poor kid will grow up?

    Every child that dies due to neglect, religious dogma, murder, etc is a failure of our society.  We have allowed beliefs to take over reality and nowhere is this more prevalent than when a child dies from a preventable disease or something like what happened in Kentucky (or New Jersey or dozens of other times a year).

    US Documents are so important (like the 2nd Amendment), I’ll provide a little quote here…

    We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness

    What’s first on that list?

    When life is gone, there can be no liberty, happiness, freedom, faith, or anything else.  To voluntarily support a system which allows the deaths of children is wrong.

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